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What's your funding status?

You are raising funds for your crypto startup. Choose the funding stage your web3 project is currently in and explore how we can serve your blockchain venture best.

Preparing to Raise

In our experience, to ensure a successful investor pitch for your web3 startup, make sure you’ve got the following essentials locked and loaded:


Pitch Deck

Concise, persuasive presentation showcasing your web3 startup's potential and vision.


Founding Team

Group of web3 skilled entreprenerus committed to driving the crypto startup to success together.



Detailed document outlining a web3 startup's technology, goals, and strategy.

* By “good to go”, we’re talking top-tier, 100%, professional quality. You’re not going to impress investors with half-baked stuff. But don’t sweat it, we’re here to review and fine-tune until it’s pitch-perfect. Let’s maximize those fundraising chances together.

You are all set to raise funds

Let’s make those crypto investor connections happen!

Raising Next Round

You already raised some funds previously & are looking for your next round, ideally in our experience at this point you need the following:


Working Product / MVP

Functional early version of web3 product, proving concept and market fit potential.



Evidence of crypto startup's growth and its product market fit.


Core Team

Dedicated group of founders and key employees driving the startup's vision forward.


Legal Entity

Officially registered business structure defining legal status of the blockchain startup.


Banking & Treasury

Financial management system, handling transactions, investments, and liquidity controls of the startup.


Marketing & Branding

Roadmap and strategy to increase startup's visibility, shape perception, and attract customers.

Our Services for Web3 & Crypto Startups

We offer an extensive range of services, both independently and in collaboration with specialized partners, to deliver exceptional solutions that cater to our clients’ needs in the dynamic web3, crypto & blockchain environment.

We’ve partners with over 100 VCs, angels & investors in web3, blockchain and crypto.

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