AI-focused Web3Go secures $4M in seed funding, led by Binance Labs

Web3Go has successfully secured funding from prestigious programs, such as the BNB Chain MVB V, AWS Activate, Google Cloud Startup, and the highly esteemed Web3 Foundation Grant program.

Web3Go, a pioneering blockchain company, has garnered widespread support from governments, leading tech corporations, and established crypto veterans, affirming its status as a trailblazer in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and data services. With an impressive $4 million secured in its seed funding round, spearheaded by Binance Labs, Web3Go is poised for remarkable growth in the future. Noteworthy participants in this funding round include prominent entities such as Hashkey Capital, NGC, Shima Capital, IVC, LIF, Big Brain Holdings, and Archerman Capital.

This strategic funding arrives at a time of escalating global demand for AI-powered products, particularly within emerging blockchain markets. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Web3Go intends to employ the funds to establish an intelligent network on the blockchain, leveraging its proprietary AI and big data infrastructure.

The intelligent network engineered by Web3Go will empower users to seamlessly harness on-chain and off-chain data sets, enabling the creation of diverse AI-backed digital assets. Users can readily leverage this intelligent data network for various purposes, including trading strategies, trading support bots, education, and entertainment.

In addition to the successful seed funding round, Web3Go has garnered additional investment interest from entities eager to explore the intersection of AI and blockchain technology. Notably, the company has been selected by prestigious tech organizations such as BNB Chain MVB V, AWS Activate, Google Cloud Startup, and the Web3 Foundation Grant program, highlighting its expertise in these fields. Moreover, Web3Go’s recent inclusion in the Cyberport Incubation Program underscores its recognition as a leading Web3.0 startup, receiving support from the Hong Kong government. Demonstrating its commitment to fostering a crypto-friendly environment, the Hong Kong government has already enacted favorable policies to attract international investors looking to tap into the potential of blockchain technology.

Closer Look at Web3Go Market Outlook

Web3Go’s strong partnership with Binance Labs and its entrance into the Hong Kong market demonstrate its undeniable credibility and potential. Despite facing significant opposition in the United States, the United Kingdom, and various European countries, Binance, the renowned crypto exchange, has strategically shifted its focus towards Asian countries, with Hong Kong being its latest target. This move is particularly significant as Hong Kong serves as a gateway to the vast Chinese market, which exhibits substantial untapped potential for crypto and blockchain adoption.

Web3Go’s unwavering commitment to creator ownership and the development of essential tools for the widespread application of AI and blockchain positions it as a key player in the industry. The company aims to streamline the process of digital asset ownership by leveraging comprehensive big data analysis. Excitingly, their native asset creation platform, DIN, is on track to release its Beta version by the end of this month.

In a recent statement, Web3Go expressed its vision to revolutionize production relations by harnessing the transformative power of blockchain technology. Their primary objective is to overcome the challenge of verifying ownership for AI-native digital assets. With such a determined approach, Web3Go is poised to make a substantial impact in the industry and pave the way for a new era of digital asset management.


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