Amsterdam’s NeoKe secures €1.3 million in initial funding to expand decentralized digital identity for travelers

Travel tech startup NeoKe has successfully secured a substantial funding of €1.3 million from renowned investors Dreamcraft Ventures, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE: Vision Hub of Gebr.Heinemann, and Plug & Play. This significant investment will propel NeoKe’s groundbreaking decentralised digital identity and biometrics solutions for the travel industry to new heights.

Led by visionary entrepreneurs and former executives at, Vikas Bhola and Sebastian Honores, NeoKe aims to revolutionize travel by creating a seamless and connected platform for both travelers and service providers. By leveraging blockchain and cloud-based technologies, NeoKe’s platform ensures the secure storage and sharing of verified user identification, granting travelers full visibility and control over their data. With a personalized single traveler profile, NeoKe streamlines processes such as check-in, guest verification, access control, and data management for travel services.

CEO and co-founder Vikas Bhola enthusiastically expressed, “We finally possess the technology to address the challenge of making travel seamless and connected. In this modern age, nothing is more valuable than one’s own data and identity. Sebastian and I are thrilled to partner with Dreamcraft, ff Venture Capital, GHARAGE, and Plug & Play to realize our vision of creating ‘the connected trip,’ enabling secure, seamless, and personalized information exchange throughout all stages of travel, from planning and booking to the actual experience.”

NeoKe has recently unveiled two core products: Neoke Wallet, a digital wallet enabling travelers to securely store and share their personal data at their discretion, and Neoke Connect, an identity management and automation platform for travel providers.

In an era where data privacy is of paramount concern to consumers, NeoKe’s innovative platform empowers users as the sole owners of their information, safeguarding their data effectively. The funding secured will be utilized to further enhance NeoKe’s technology and drive go-to-market initiatives as they spearhead digital identity innovations in the travel industry.

Kenneth Dambo, leading the round at Dreamcraft Ventures, expressed excitement about supporting NeoKe’s mission to create a safer and more convenient travel experience. He stated, “Data breaches are occurring at an alarming rate, and regulatory trends are pushing companies to become better stewards of data while consumers strive to regain control over their information. The travel sector serves as the ideal testing ground for a solution given the high level of friction, sensitive information, and regulatory requirements involved. The potential impact of NeoKe’s technology is immense, and we eagerly anticipate its transformative effect on the travel industry.”

Founded in 2022, NeoKe benefits from the extensive industry experience of its co-founders, totaling over three decades. With Microsoft as their technology partner and global winners of the previous year’s Microsoft Hackathon, NeoKe’s growing team is uniquely positioned to identify the missing piece in travel and develop an exceptional platform to deliver innovative solutions.

NeoKe has already achieved recognition as the winner of the prestigious FutureTravel Pitch Competition, earning a valuable prize package worth approximately €56k in credits. This package includes participation in the esteemed Scaleway Growth Program valued at €36k, $10k in Freshworks credits for their product suite, and €9.9k in credits for a premium account with the explainer video maker Simpleshow.

Finally, it is worth noting that the application phase for this year’s FutureTravel Summit Pitch Competition is now open, offering aspiring travel tech startups an exciting opportunity to showcase their innovative ideas and secure valuable support for their ventures.


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