Bequest Finance Secures $2.75M in Funding

Bequest Finance, an innovative San Francisco-based company specializing in digital asset transfer solutions, has successfully secured an impressive $2.75 million in funding. This significant investment round was led by Nyca Partners, a prominent financial technology firm, and also attracted participation from renowned entrepreneur Mark Cuban, alongside other fintech-focused companies.

With this infusion of capital, Bequest Finance is poised to accelerate its expansion plans and further enhance its development efforts. The company, co-founded by the dynamic duo of Anna Mouland and Robert Muresan, offers a cutting-edge non-custodial digital asset management solution. Bequest Finance enables the seamless and secure management of various digital assets, spanning cryptocurrencies to coveted NFTs, eliminating the need for legal professionals to hold their clients’ assets or manage their private keys.

Through its innovative platform, Bequest Finance empowers estate planners to effortlessly incorporate any digital asset into their clients’ estates, including Bitcoin, emails, photos, and video content. With unwavering commitment to compliance and security, Bequest Finance sets the industry standard for facilitating the lawful and protected handling of digital assets, revolutionizing the field of estate planning and digital asset management.


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