Bitkraft and Hashed spearhead $10M funding for crypto gaming studio Avalon

  • Bitkraft Ventures and Hashed jointly spearheaded a $10 million investment in Avalon, a crypto gaming studio gearing up for the launch of a large-scale multiplayer online game.
  • This year, players will get a chance to join a closed, early-access edition of the game, “Avalon.”

Bitkraft Ventures and Hashed assertively spearheaded a $10 million funding round to propel crypto gaming innovator Avalon forward in its endeavor to launch a groundbreaking massively multiplayer online game.

Avalon’s inaugural venture, aptly titled “Avalon,” is being meticulously crafted by a seasoned team boasting expertise garnered from premier web2 gaming enterprises. In an ambitious stride towards excellence, Avalon has forged partnerships with AI trailblazers Didimo and Inworld AI to realize its vision, as affirmed by the company.

CEO and founder Sean Pinnock, with a distinguished background at Electronic Arts and Microsoft, articulated the company’s vision, stating, “The Avalon universe is committed to delivering an unparalleled immersive gameplay experience through the fusion of cutting-edge technologies such as Unreal Engine 5 and AI-driven user-generated content systems. Our emphasis on a no-code solution empowers players to effortlessly shape game logic. Moreover, our forthcoming NFT collection will introduce AI-powered avatar NFTs.”

Carlos Pereira, a partner at Bitkraft Ventures, underscored Avalon’s potential impact, stating, “Through vibrant, intricate, yet user-friendly user-generated content experiences, Avalon has the capacity to significantly advance the realm of Synthetic Reality, fostering immersive experiences with robust economies.”

Synthetic Reality epitomizes the creation and simulation of digital realms and systems, elucidating the profound potential of Avalon’s initiative.

A spokesperson affirmed that players will be accorded exclusive access to an early, closed version of “Avalon” later this year, marking a pivotal milestone in the game’s development journey.

Avalon further disclosed the notable participants in the funding round, including Coinbase Ventures, Spartan Capital, Foresight Ventures, LiquidX, and Momentum6, affirming the industry’s confidence in the project’s trajectory.


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