BitRealms Secures Initial Funding, Pioneering Inscription Integration in Bitcoin Gaming

BitRealms, pioneering the open metaverse gaming frontier with the robust Merlin Chain at its core and a visionary focus on inscriptions, has successfully concluded its initial pre-seed funding phase, spearheaded by none other than Comma 3 Ventures. This pivotal investment round witnessed substantial backing from industry giants like Bitvalue Capital, Big Brain Holdings, Negentropy Capital, Bscstation, and Cogitent Ventures, signaling the dawn of an era-defining epoch in gaming. Through the seamless integration of inscriptions into gaming realms, BitRealms is laying the groundwork for an ecosystem brimming with unparalleled depth and richness.

With a slated launch scheduled for mid-March, BitRealms embarks on a resolute mission to revolutionize the gaming domain, forging robust connections among gamers, developers, Web3 initiatives, and passionate community advocates through an ethos of inclusivity and fairness. The inaugural game, Bit Treasure, promises an exhilarating kickoff with an inscription minting event, empowering participants to amass in-game rewards and coveted BRC-420 NFTs, pivotal assets for upcoming platform token distributions. This proactive endeavor stands testament to BitRealms’ commitment to democratizing gaming, ensuring that every contributor shares in the platform’s ascent and accomplishments.

As BitRealms gears up for its highly anticipated debut, it stands poised as a vanguard of technological progress, offering a gaming platform that places paramount emphasis on community, innovation, and collaborative participation.


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