Blockchain company secures $7.35 million in funding

Officials from Grove, formerly known as Pocket Network Inc., proudly announced the successful closure of the company’s inaugural equity sale, securing an impressive $7.35 million in funding.

Grove stands as a formidable Web3 infrastructure provider, renowned for crafting enterprise-grade solutions atop the decentralized POKT Network. In the realm of Web3, where individuals wield unprecedented control over their data and finances sans cumbersome intermediaries, Grove emerges as a pivotal player.

CEO Michael O’Rourke, the visionary behind POKT, revealed that while the company had previously amassed approximately $30 million through cryptocurrency token sales, the bulk of these funds were directed towards enhancing the blockchain protocol. This latest injection of equity capital, however, is earmarked to bolster the overarching parent company’s endeavors.

O’Rourke exuded confidence in Grove’s momentum, attributing the successful raise to the company’s tangible traction in the market. Despite navigating a landscape where crypto funding isn’t as abundant, Grove’s appeal resonated strongly with prominent investors.

Leading the charge in this round of funding were distinguished firms including Avon Ventures, a subsidiary of Fidelity Investments’ parent entity, along with Placeholder Capital based in New York, and local powerhouse Druid Ventures from Tampa.

With this influx of capital, Grove is poised to expand its team, fortify its market presence, and drive profitability to new heights. The resurgence of the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry in 2023, following the turbulence of the previous year, further underscores the ripe opportunity landscape awaiting Grove’s innovative solutions.

O’Rourke highlighted the industry-wide shift towards more rigorous due diligence, fueled in part by historically high interest rates. Despite these challenges, Grove’s unwavering dedication to its mission remains unwavering.

Since its inception in 2017, under the banner of Pocket, the company has spearheaded decentralized infrastructure initiatives globally. Now, with over 16,000 nodes distributed worldwide and supporting a myriad of leading blockchains, Grove is primed to revolutionize digital infrastructure ownership and governance.

Chris Pizzo, Director of Druid Ventures, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing Grove’s pivotal role in shaping the future of Web3 integration infrastructure. O’Rourke also commended Druid’s founders for their bootstrap efforts, underscoring the collective commitment to Grove’s success.

With its rebranding to Grove earlier this year, the company reaffirmed its commitment to differentiation from its blockchain protocol roots. O’Rourke’s roots in Tampa Bay serve as a testament to local entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring others to pursue their dreams within the burgeoning tech landscape.

Looking ahead, O’Rourke anticipates unveiling groundbreaking network upgrades in the coming months, driven by a dedicated community of contributors. As evidenced by the meteoric rise of POKT’s value, Grove remains at the forefront of innovation, offering a faster, cheaper, and more reliable alternative to centralized counterparts.

As a staunch advocate for Tampa Bay’s tech ecosystem, O’Rourke remains bullish on the region’s potential for growth and innovation. With each lesson learned and milestone achieved, the collective journey towards technological advancement accelerates, setting the stage for a promising future under Grove’s leadership.


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