Credit Suisse supports women’s football with Ethereum-based NFTs for fundraising

Credit Suisse customers can purchase Ethereum NFTs via the bank’s app, although the option to resell them is currently unavailable.

Banking institution Credit Suisse has joined forces with the Swiss Football Association to launch an exciting initiative: the issuance of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Ethereum blockchain in support of the women’s national football team.

This remarkable collection of 756 NFTs will be intricately tied to digital artistic representations of Swiss women’s national football players. To ensure the success of this endeavor, Credit Suisse has collaborated with Taurus, a digital asset startup that enjoys the backing of the bank.

In a confident statement, Credit Suisse declared, “By undertaking this groundbreaking project, we are once again paving the way for the advancement of the Swiss digital assets market.” The bank’s commitment to innovation and progress shines through in their enthusiastic support of this venture.

All proceeds generated from the sale of these NFTs will be directed towards the Swiss Women’s National Team and carefully chosen youth initiatives with a particular focus on girls’ football. This partnership sees the Swiss Football Association acting as the issuer and seller of the NFTs, while Credit Suisse, recently acquired by Swiss investment bank UBS, manages the sales on behalf of the association.

Excitingly, these exclusive NFTs will be available for purchase exclusively through Credit Suisse’s CSX digital banking app from July 11 to August 31. To acquire these limited-edition NFTs, one must be a resident of Switzerland with an established client relationship with the bank.

The tokens themselves are classified into three distinct categories: Unique, Rare, and Limited. Each category offers its own enticing perks, such as autographed jerseys or the exceptional opportunity to engage in an exclusive meet-and-greet session with the talented players themselves.

To facilitate transactions smoothly, Credit Suisse will only accept payments in Swiss francs, rather than cryptocurrencies. Currently, buyers will not be able to resell or transfer their NFTs outside of the CSX app. However, Credit Suisse has assured its customers that it is actively exploring the possibility of adding this functionality in the near future.

Sandra Caviezel, the head of partnerships and sponsorship at Credit Suisse, emphasized the significance of this initiative, stating that the funds raised will not only provide direct support to the women’s national team but will also contribute to the nurturing and development of young talent.

With this groundbreaking collaboration, Credit Suisse demonstrates its unwavering commitment to innovation, digital assets, and the advancement of women’s football.


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