Dinari Secures $7.5M to Develop Decentralized Stock Trading Platform

A subsidiary of Susquehanna was among the supporters for the dShare platform, set to be accessible outside the U.S.

Dinari, a trailblazing platform dedicated to facilitating access to asset-backed tokens tied to real-world value, has made a resounding announcement of securing a remarkable $7.5 million in seed investment. This significant milestone comes as Dinari prepares to unveil its groundbreaking dShare Platform beyond the borders of the United States.

Notable participants in this landmark investment round encompass SPEILLLP, a distinguished member of the Susquehanna International Group, esteemed 500 Global, and the visionary Balaji Srinivasan, previously at the helm as the Chief Technology Officer of Coinbase. The illustrious backing also extends to Third Kind Venture Capital, Sancus Ventures, and Version One VC, underscoring the widespread anticipation for Dinari’s transformative initiative.

The captivating concept of real-world asset tokenization (RWA) has ignited fervor within the realms of both crypto enthusiasts and traditional financial stalwarts, as they harness the power of blockchain technology. A prime example of this synergy emerges as Hamilton Lane, a venerable investment-management entity overseeing a staggering $824 billion in assets, opens the gateway to two of its formidable funds via Securitize on the Polygon blockchain.

At its inception in 2021, Dinari’s ambitious mission revolved around granting blockchain-fueled access to corporate equity through its revolutionary dShare platform. With dShare, users can seamlessly engage with securities of colossal entities like Apple and Tesla, all orchestrated within a secure wallet situated on the Arbitrum network. Noteworthy to mention, this accessibility extends beyond the borders of the United States due to prudent regulatory considerations.

Each dShare token unequivocally mirrors the principles of renowned stablecoins such as USDC or Tether, standing as an embodiment of a 1-1 backing. The bedrock of Dinari’s unwavering commitment to transparency is evident through its publicly accessible transparency page and the live feed showcasing its brokerage accounts. This judicious approach instills paramount confidence in the staunch 1-1 backing promise.

Championing a holistic and compliant approach, Chas Rampenthal, the astute Co-founder and Chief Legal Officer of Dinari, avows, “We are actively collaborating with regulatory bodies across the globe, ensuring our offering aligns with the most exacting standards of regulatory compliance.” This resolute dedication underscores Dinari’s determination to navigate the dynamic landscape while fostering trust and innovation.


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