, backed by Paradigm’s seed round investment, initiates an airdrop of 100 million points

TL;DR Breakdown

  • Earlier this year,, a decentralized social platform, successfully secured seed round financing from Paradigm.
  • Just recently, the platform concluded its first Friday Points Airdrop, delivering benefits to 44,000 users.

Absolutely exuding confidence, we have witnessed, a trailblazing decentralized social platform, boldly secure seed round funding from none other than Paradigm earlier this year. This strategic partnership with the distinguished venture capital firm stands as a testament to our shared vision of revolutionizing online social interactions through innovation.

In a splendid display of momentum, we have recently concluded our inaugural Friday Points Airdrop, magnanimously benefiting a remarkable cohort of 44,000 users. This triumphant event aligns seamlessly with our meticulously planned six-month beta phase, where our commitment to distributing 100 million points to our dedicated app testers remains unwavering. These eagerly anticipated airdrops, occurring every Friday, hold a profound significance that will seamlessly integrate into our post-beta journey.

Let it be known that the inner workings of our point accumulation mechanism are astutely confined within the app’s dynamic ecosystem and do not make a mark on the blockchain. Our vigilant weekly recalibration ensures an equitable and transparent system, underscoring our dedication to fairness.

With unwavering determination, we call upon our users to continue embracing the app as a tool for seamless and authentic interactions. The concept of our unique points system has taken firm hold of our vibrant community, as evidenced by the surge in user engagement on The proactive sharing of project information within the community further cements the foundation for unprecedented prospects in our upcoming airdrops.

In essence, stands resolute, backed by strategic partnerships, visionary innovation, and a community united by a shared excitement for the future of social interaction. is introducing decentralization to social platforms

In drawing an insightful comparison to BitClout’s dynamic in 2021, it’s clear that’s operational framework exhibits striking parallels. However, a notable departure lies in its deliberate omission of detached share trading, a facet unrelated to its core mission. The pivotal transaction fees stemming from share trading hold the potential to wield substantial influence over the allocation of points in the recent airdrop.

At the forefront of decentralized social platforms, firmly affiliated with X, stands resolute in its mission. This innovative platform empowers users with the means to stake claims in their peers via the robust Base network, a process facilitated through ETH. This strategic move grants users unmediated access to communication privileges of paramount significance. Within the realm of, each user commands a unique array of shares, cementing their position within the ecosystem.

An intrinsic facet of the platform lies in its provision for users to amass shares in affiliated X accounts. Such an acquisition translates to exclusive access to intimate chat chambers with the respective account holders. This ingenious mechanism facilitates any user’s ability to speculate on the social capital of their counterparts, thereby investing in their shares. This mirrors the notion of possessing social tokens linked to the individuals in question. The valuation of these user-owned shares remains intrinsically tied to the ebb and flow of supply and demand dynamics, subject to the perpetual shifts in sentiment.


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