Hack VC secures $150M to support crypto and AI startups

Hack VC, the pioneering Web3 venture capital firm, has proudly secured a formidable $150 million for strategic investments in the dynamic realms of cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI) startups.

In a resolute declaration on February 20, the New York-based powerhouse affirmed its keen focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), real-world asset (RWA) tokenization, and cutting-edge blockchain infrastructure solutions. These sectors stand as the bedrock for Hack VC’s visionary investment strategy in the crypto sphere.

Our forthcoming investments are meticulously curated to champion projects that not only enhance the accessibility and efficiency of cryptocurrencies but also fortify the ecosystem against vulnerabilities akin to the early internet era’s viral threats.

“Web3 demands a paradigm shift in infrastructure, encompassing scalability, security, and usability, to attain readiness for mainstream adoption,” asserts Hack VC.

With unwavering confidence, we assert that the future titans of the Web3 landscape—akin to the stature of Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba—are either already amidst us or on the brink of emergence.

Moreover, Hack VC remains at the forefront of the “Web3 x AI” convergence, doubling down on investments in transformative ventures akin to Jasper AI and Ritual. These ventures epitomize the fusion of AI prowess with Web3 innovations, heralding a new era of technological symbiosis.

Despite market fluctuations, Hack VC steadfastly maintains its bullish stance on crypto, reflecting a resolute commitment amid challenging market conditions. Notably, our previous $200 million seed fund, initiated in February 2022, underscored our unwavering faith in early-stage crypto ventures.

Our forthcoming investments range from nurturing nascent projects helmed by solo founders to fueling substantial endeavors with investments in the multimillion-dollar range, emblematic of our conviction in their potential.

Since our foray into the Web3 arena in 2014, Hack VC has catalyzed over 100 investments, birthing numerous unicorns such as Consensys, Sui, and Helium. This legacy of strategic investments underscores our prowess in identifying and nurturing trailblazing ventures.

With total assets under management swelling to approximately $425 million, Hack VC stands poised to continue its trajectory of transformative investments in the Web3 landscape.

Recent data reveals a surging trend in venture funding for Web3-related enterprises, signaling a burgeoning appetite for innovation in the sector. Notably, the fourth quarter of 2023 witnessed a 2.5% uptick in investments, culminating in a total of $1.9 billion injected into Web3 firms.

Against this backdrop, luminaries like Lightspeed Faction and China’s National Engineering Laboratory are amplifying their commitment to the Web3 revolution, further underscoring the industry’s meteoric rise.

As we navigate the ever-evolving Web3 frontier, Hack VC remains steadfast in its mission to empower visionary innovators and catalyze groundbreaking advancements in the realm of decentralized technologies.


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