Illuminati Capital secures $50M to fund Web3 ventures, encompassing gaming initiatives

Illuminati Capital stands at the forefront of innovation, armed with a formidable $50 million investment pool destined for early-stage blockchain startups, including those in the dynamic realm of game development. The objective is crystal clear: to channel the collective wealth of experience and specialized expertise possessed by its partners into the rapidly evolving Web3 landscape.

Based in the vibrant hub of Dubai, Illuminati Capital distinguishes itself by virtue of its partners’ impressive track records. These visionary individuals have individually contributed investments exceeding $1 billion to the blockchain startup arena, a testament to their prowess in fostering remarkable growth and valuation.

In stark contrast to conventional investment firms, Illuminati Capital’s ambitions extend far beyond mere financial backing. This venture capital powerhouse is unequivocally committed to not only nurturing the global Web3 ecosystem but also propelling fundamental shifts within the realm of decentralized technologies.

The driving force behind Illuminati Capital is a cohesive team that has collectively deployed a staggering $30 million, yielding exits that have soared to a remarkable $150 million. Comprising a cadre of blockchain aficionados, marketing virtuosos, accomplished angel investors, and other luminaries, this partnership’s diversity equips Illuminati Capital with the rare ability to provide laser-focused guidance and active engagement with visionary founders.

Vickaash Agrawal, a partner with a proven track record of over 120 successful blockchain investments, boldly asserts, “We are charting an extraordinary trajectory in Web3 venture investing.” His investment portfolio speaks volumes, reflecting his expertise spanning data, infrastructure, regulation, and mining.

Illuminati Capital’s investment purview spans an array of verticals, ranging from the revolutionary decentralized finance (DeFi) sector to the exciting realms of blockchain gaming, artificial intelligence, NFT infrastructure, and real-world assets (RWA). Through shrewd investments in pioneering sectors, Illuminati Capital boldly positions itself as a vanguard in shaping the decentralized economy of tomorrow.

Dhaval Parikh, a partner with an impressive five-plus years of experience as a blockchain investor, is resolute in his affirmation of decentralized technology’s boundless possibilities. Armed with a background in venture capital, Parikh brings a laser focus to due diligence, risk assessment, portfolio management, deal flow analysis, and the systematic dissection of industry trends and pivotal ecosystem insights.

Equipped with an extensive network of strategic partnerships and fueled by an unwavering commitment to Web3 companies underpinned by tangible assets, Illuminati Capital is poised to orchestrate remarkable growth. The firm’s guiding hand extends beyond mere financial support, encompassing critical facets such as listings, exchanges, business development, public relations, key opinion leader (KOL) partnerships, and more, all orchestrated to elevate the triumph of its portfolio endeavors.

Laura K. Inamedinova, partner and CEO of LKI Consulting, affirms the foundation of success through her role as a seasoned marketing expert, boasting a portfolio of over 250 clients. Her astute guidance will steer projects towards the zenith of success through masterful community building, branding, positioning strategies, marketing insights, and the strategic acquisition of early-stage growth.

In the quest to shape the future, Illuminati Capital stands as an embodiment of profound expertise, visionary foresight, and unyielding commitment to propelling the decentralized landscape to unprecedented heights.


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