LightningWorks Secures $2.5M in Seed Funding

LightningWorks, a San Jose-based company revolutionizing the comic book industry through the integration of interactive games and NFTs, has successfully raised an impressive $2.5 million in Seed funding. The funding was generously provided by none other than the company’s visionary founder, Geoff McCabe.

With this substantial investment, LightningWorks is poised to embark on an exciting journey of go-to-market initiatives for their groundbreaking NFT comic books. Spearheaded by McCabe, a Co-Founder of the top-65 cryptocurrency $DIVI, Games Interactive, and Founder of, alongside the expertise of Jordan Fiksenbaum, former head of marketing for Cirque du Soleil, LightningWorks is on a mission to bring comic books into the world of Web3.

Empowering fans worldwide, LightningWorks allows enthusiasts to not only enjoy captivating comic book narratives but also engage in creating, playing, earning, and owning through NFTs and blockchain technology. Leveraging their unique deflationary NFT tokenomics, known as Forging, users have the remarkable ability to combine two or three comics, each with varying tiers of rarity (common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary), resulting in the creation of an even rarer tier, with the tantalizing possibility of unlocking one of four secret tiers. This innovative system closely mimics the scarcity inherent in physical paper comics, making their digital counterparts even more appealing to collectors.

Among the impressive offerings of LightningWorks is their epic tale, Siege Worlds Zero, which seamlessly merges the timeless allure of traditional comics with immersive gameplay. Readers are invited to join forces with fellow fans to solve puzzles, engage in exhilarating battles, and embark on heroic adventures in a captivating digital world.

In addition to revolutionizing the comic book experience for fans, LightningWorks also serves as a vital platform for artists, writers, and creators to showcase their talents. By harnessing the power of cutting-edge A.I. technology, individuals can bring their creative visions to life, monetize their works, and establish direct connections with their audience.

Having successfully bootstrapped the company since 2020, LightningWorks is now primed to unleash their NFT comic book onto the market, taking the industry by storm. The future looks incredibly promising for this visionary company as they continue to disrupt the comic book landscape with their innovative approach and unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled digital experiences.


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