Metaverse startup Futureverse secures $54M Series A funding from 10T Holdings and Ripple Labs

The Futureverse emerged from the merger of eight companies in late 2022, and later absorbed three more.

Futureverse, an ambitious startup born from the collaboration of 11 distinct firms, has proudly secured an impressive $54 million in its Series A funding round. Spearheaded by 10T Holdings and supported by contributions from esteemed companies like Ripple Labs, this remarkable achievement was announced on Tuesday.

The primary goal of Futureverse is to revolutionize users’ metaverse experiences by harnessing the potent synergy between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. The company’s inception resulted from the merger of eight companies in late 2022, with three additional entities assimilated subsequently, solidifying its position as a dominant force in the industry.

Bloomberg was the first to report this groundbreaking funding news, showcasing the widespread interest and belief in Futureverse’s visionary mission.

Among its standout projects, Futureverse boasts FLUF World, a remarkable collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) featuring delightful cartoon rabbits, and AI League, an engaging mobile soccer game licensed by FIFA, the sport’s world governing body.

The remarkable level of funding secured by Futureverse stands in contrast to the prevailing trend in the digital asset industry, which has faced challenging conditions during the past year or more. This achievement unequivocally demonstrates the enduring enthusiasm from investors for groundbreaking projects that seamlessly integrate digital assets with emerging sectors like AI, which has witnessed exponential interest, partly due to exceptional platforms like the language-recognition engine, ChatGPT.

With its robust financial backing and innovative projects, Futureverse is poised to reshape the future of the metaverse and continues to inspire confidence in the potential of combining digital assets with cutting-edge technologies like AI.


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