Nebeus secures EUR 1.3 million through a successful Seedrs funding round.

Spain-based crypto startup Nebeus has successfully secured an impressive EUR 1.3 million in a highly promising Seedrs round, which marks the exciting commencement of an even more substantial Series A round.

The forthcoming Series A round aims to raise a remarkable EUR 10 million, earmarked for bolstering and enhancing the already exceptional services provided by the Nebeus app. This funding will facilitate the acquisition of new licenses, expansion of the talented team, and the implementation of dynamic marketing campaigns that will further elevate Nebeus’ position in the market.

Furthermore, Nebeus has unveiled its ambitious plans to introduce a groundbreaking DeFi wallet, designed to revolutionize accessibility and convenience in DeFi solutions for its esteemed user base. This strategic move demonstrates the company’s unwavering commitment to delivering cutting-edge innovations that set industry benchmarks.

In addition to the DeFi wallet, Nebeus is poised to venture into the development of a comprehensive brokerage service that encompasses stocks, commodities, FOREX, and bonds. By offering this diverse array of financial instruments, Nebeus aims to attract investors from a wide spectrum of asset classes, expanding its reach and influence within the financial landscape.

Nebeus’ recent press release affirms its steadfast dedication to providing an unparalleled range of financial services to its valued clientele. The company’s visionary goal is to establish a one-stop shop, catering to the diverse needs of individuals seeking to invest in stocks, engage in commodities trading, access traditional banking services, or participate in cryptocurrency-related activities. With this visionary approach, Nebeus is poised to redefine the standards of comprehensive financial services.

More information about Nebeus’ products

The Nebeus service package encompasses a comprehensive range of offerings, including a crypto credit line and credit card, providing users with the ability to leverage their cryptocurrency holdings without the need to sell their assets. This innovative approach combines the advantages of traditional finance with the cutting-edge features of cryptocurrency, delivering a holistic solution that caters to the diverse financial needs of individuals.

In January 2023, Nebeus successfully launched the Nebeus Card in collaboration with Visa, marking a significant expansion of its financial services. The card is specifically designed to enable users to spend directly from their Nebeus accounts, harnessing the benefits and convenience of Visa’s network. Nebeus specializes in establishing a bridge between crypto and traditional finance by offering a financial framework that includes customer personal EU IBANs and UK Sort code accounts integrated with a comprehensive crypto ecosystem.

The Nebeus Debit Card is seamlessly linked to the Nebeus Money Account, providing users with the flexibility to receive their salaries directly onto the card and make third-party payments effortlessly. Furthermore, cardholders can conveniently access the Nebeus Crypto Account, facilitating swift money transfers for crypto investments.

Notably, in August 2022, Nebeus forged a strategic partnership with the embedded payments platform Modulr, demonstrating its commitment to enhancing its services. This collaboration empowered Nebeus to leverage Modulr’s comprehensive card-issuing solution, encompassing accounts, real-time payments, and Visa cards, positioning Nebeus as one of the pioneering European companies to implement this cutting-edge offering across the UK and Europe.


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