ResearchHub secures $5 million in funding to support scientists in monetizing their research.

We are delighted to announce the successful completion of our seed round, led by Joseph Jacks from OSS Capital, with the participation of esteemed investors such as Boost VC, Bob Young from RedHat, Guillermo Rauch from Vercel, Amjad Masad from Replit, Garry Tan from Y Combinator, and several others. The ResearchHub team is grateful to have the support of investors who recognize the significance of open-source communities and the value they generate.

ResearchHub, co-founded by Brian Armstrong and Patrick Joyce, operates under the firm belief that science should emulate the principles of open-source software. As a tokenized social network, we reward scientists for openly sharing scholarly content. Our mission is to develop a comprehensive suite of collaboration and publication tools that facilitate seamless teamwork, content sharing, and peer feedback among researchers.

At ResearchHub, individuals who publish exceptional content earn ResearchCoin (RSC), a cryptocurrency specifically designed for the platform. RSC serves as a means to create bounties that incentivize other scientists to undertake research-related tasks. Currently, our community utilizes the RSC they earn to compensate peers for conducting peer reviews, answering scientific inquiries, and providing valuable feedback. Ultimately, our vision is to establish an academic town square where noteworthy contributions are acknowledged and rewarded in a democratic, evidence-based manner.

With the successful completion of this funding round, ResearchHub is poised to expand its platform’s reach to scientists worldwide. We will invest in developing new features and tools that enhance the efficiency of our community’s collaborative efforts and enable them to capture more of the value they contribute to the scientific ecosystem.


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