Second Financing Round Propels Game of Silks with $5M, Attracting Blockchain Gaming Investors into Action

Game of Silks (“Silks”) proudly announces the successful closure of its Series Seed 2 funding round, securing an impressive $5 million from a select group of strategic investors. In an environment where blockchain gaming funding has hit a standstill, this substantial infusion of strategic capital solidifies Silks as a dominant force in the rapidly expanding arena of blockchain fantasy sports. It firmly establishes Silks as the unparalleled blockchain gaming platform for the thrilling world of thoroughbred horse racing.

Dan Nissanoff, the CEO and Co-Founder of Silks, commented on this significant achievement: “This funding, secured even in challenging economic circumstances, underscores the immense potential of blockchain gaming and underscores our remarkable early success as one of the few companies flourishing in this space. At a time when many are grappling to secure capital, we’ve demonstrated that blockchain fantasy sports are thriving and on the verge of redefining fan engagement in the world of horse racing.”

Nissanoff continued with unwavering confidence, “This capital empowers us to continue leading the charge into a new era of gaming, where gamified digital collectibles forge an unprecedented bond between fans and real-world horse racing, bringing people closer to a sport cherished by millions across the globe. We are reshaping the future of horse racing, blockchain gaming, and fantasy sports.”

This timely capital infusion follows Silks’ groundbreaking partnerships with industry giants such as NYRA, NYRA BETS, Saratoga Race Track, Belmont Race Track, Aqueduct, and FOX Sports’ Americas Best Racing. Additionally, Silks recently cemented a partnership with The Jockey Club, an institution with deep historical roots in the sport of kings, dating back to 1894. These collaborations have already begun to reshape the landscape of horse racing and digital gaming, offering a new avenue for growth in a sport facing numerous challenges.

Duncan Taylor of Taylor Made, the world’s largest seller of thoroughbred racehorses and one of the strategic investors in this round, expressed his conviction in Silks: “When we look at Game of Silks, we don’t just see a game, we see a transformative platform that heralds the future of horse racing. Investing in this round signifies more than a financial commitment – it marks our dedication to forging a partnership that will invigorate and elevate the sport to its glory days when horse racing was the largest spectator sport in the US.”

Lloyd Purser of FunFair Ventures, another investor in this round, praised Silks, stating, “We’ve explored numerous Web 3.0 gaming platforms and found Game of Silks to be one of the most innovative and compelling use cases for blockchain technology.”

Game of Silks is revolutionizing the world of horse racing fandom by allowing enthusiasts to experience the sport from a unique perspective – that of an owner. The game offers a simulation of real-world thoroughbred ownership, where players collect digital gaming assets that mirror the careers of racehorses. It rewards players when the real horses they own in the game achieve success on the racecourse or in breeding.

About Game of Silks:

Game of Silks is one of the fastest-growing blockchain games and the pioneering blockchain gaming platform that faithfully replicates the universe of thoroughbred horse racing. Launched in June 2021 by Co-founders Dan Nissanoff and Troy Levy, Game of Silks has successfully attracted over $10 million in capital from influential strategic investors and has organically cultivated a vibrant community of over 25,000 enthusiasts. To learn more, visit or join the Silks Discord community.


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