SphereOne secures $2.5M to Develop Cryptocurrency for Elderly Users

SphereOne, the groundbreaking crypto payment platform empowering users to seamlessly transact with any cryptocurrency across all blockchains, proudly announces the successful closure of a $2.5 million seed round. Spearheaded by Distributed Global, with notable participation from Newark Venture Partners, Zero Knowledge, and esteemed angel investors Leore Avidar of Alt.xyz and Lob.com, as well as Eric Feldman of Bolt.com, this funding milestone underscores the resounding confidence in SphereOne’s disruptive vision.

At the core of SphereOne’s mission is a steadfast commitment to revolutionizing the payment landscape, prioritizing instantaneous transactions and user-centric features. With a streamlined 1-click checkout and unparalleled fiat-to-crypto conversion capabilities, SphereOne ensures unparalleled convenience for its growing user base.

Christopher Ries, COO and Co-founder of SphereOne, asserts, “In an era marked by fragmented user experiences in crypto payments, SphereOne stands as a beacon of simplicity and security. We’ve heeded the call from Web3 consumers who demand a hassle-free, risk-free solution for navigating the complex terrain of multi-chain transactions.”

The alarming statistics from Chainalysis, revealing a staggering $2 billion in cryptocurrency losses from cross-chain bridge hacks, underscore the urgency for robust security measures. SphereOne’s seasoned founding team, boasting extensive experience in security infrastructure and product development, is uniquely positioned to fortify the digital fortresses of tomorrow’s consumers. Drawing from his tenure at Cylance Inc. and Oracle, coupled with his contributions to safeguarding critical infrastructure for the Pentagon, Ries brings invaluable insights to the table. Meanwhile, Ryan McNutt, with his proven track record of entrepreneurial success and mastery in scaling AI startups, epitomizes SphereOne’s unwavering dedication to crafting a frictionless user experience.

“We’re not just building a crypto payment platform; we’re paving the way for universal adoption,” asserts Ryan McNutt, CEO and Co-founder of SphereOne. “Our tireless pursuit of user-centric design is evident in every facet of our platform, ensuring that even the most novice users can seamlessly navigate the realm of Web3.”

SphereOne’s impact extends beyond mere convenience; it represents a paradigm shift in global commerce. By empowering merchants to capitalize on the burgeoning crypto economy, SphereOne drives increased conversion rates and customer retention across diverse sectors. From traditional e-commerce to the burgeoning Web3 gaming industry, SphereOne’s versatility knows no bounds.

Jacob Sloan, CEO of MetaOps, underscores the pivotal role of SphereOne in propelling the Web3 gaming landscape forward. “As a Web3 game publisher, our success hinges on bridging the gap for Web2 players. SphereOne’s innovative payment stack provides the necessary abstraction layer, enabling seamless integration across disparate blockchains.”

Yet, perhaps the most profound impact lies in SphereOne’s potential to catalyze financial inclusion in developing nations. With a laser focus on launching a mobile application tailored to peer-to-peer transactions on the international stage, SphereOne is poised to democratize access to crypto payments on a global scale.

McNutt concludes, “Our journey is just beginning, and the possibilities are limitless. With our low fee structure and unwavering commitment to accessibility, SphereOne is poised to redefine the very fabric of financial transactions, empowering individuals worldwide to participate in the digital economy.”


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