Top-earning venture capital partners could remain involved in cryptocurrency

Crypto’s reign as the crown jewel of venture capital faced a serious challenge over the past year, as a slew of scandals suddenly cast a more enticing spotlight on AI investments. However, within one of today’s major venture capital (VC) firms, the crypto arena still seems to hold the most valuable talent.

As a partner at Andreesen Horowitz, a VC powerhouse managing a staggering $35 billion in assets, the prestige may not quite rival that of a Goldman Sachs partner, but the earning potential is undeniably substantial. Consider the two current partner positions within its crypto division – one focused on people practices and the other on policy – both offering minimum salaries exceeding a jaw-dropping $300,000! 😱

The former role boasts an annual salary range spanning from $320,000 to $374,000 and calls for a seasoned professional with at least seven years of experience, responsible for collaborating directly with CEOs to establish HR frameworks at various firms. Meanwhile, the latter position offers a competitive salary range between $315,000 and $367,000, requiring a minimum of five years’ experience. The primary responsibility involves shaping the firm’s crypto strategy alongside the head of crypto policy, none other than the former CFTC commissioner, Brian Quintenz.

Among the 23 partner openings currently available at Andreesen Horowitz, only two others even come close to the potential to earn above the $300,000 mark.

It’s essential to note that these high salaries within the crypto team do not necessarily translate into the team as a whole outearning their counterparts. The remaining open crypto partner roles include an asset designer and an executive assistant, offering maximum salaries of $236,000 and $165,000, respectively.


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