ZTX Secures $13M Investment to Advance Web3 Creator Infrastructure

Web3 virtual realm and creator hub ZTX has triumphantly concluded its seed funding round with an impressive $13 million, spearheaded by none other than Jump Crypto. Notably, Collab+Currency, Parataxis, MZ Web3 Fund, Everest Ventures Group, and several other esteemed investors have also thrown their weight behind the venture.

The overwhelming support from these investors underscores their unwavering faith in ZTX, a testament to the project’s undeniable potential within the dynamic Web3 landscape. This confidence is well-founded, bolstered by the team’s remarkable strengths, particularly accentuated by the resounding success of their legacy Web2 enterprise, ZEPETO. A staggering 400 million users have gravitated towards ZEPETO, positioning it as the fourth largest metaverse platform globally, trailing only behind behemoths like Roblox, Fortnite, and Minecraft. Adding to its prowess, ZEPETO has forged extensive strategic alliances, counting the likes of Gucci, Starbucks, and the K-Pop sensation BLACKPINK among its partners.

Capitalizing on these already established resources, the ZTX team is steadfastly committed to driving broader adoption of Web3 across the globe. A convergence of luminaries from Apple, Roblox, Epic, EA, and other Web2 giants, in conjunction with adept creators from Cosmos, Flow, Solana, and other prominent Web3 ecosystems, forms the formidable coalition driving ZTX’s lofty ambitions. Their collective vision revolves around enhancing the Web3 infrastructure, particularly in the realm of 3D immersive environments, tailored to the creative community.

Exuding enthusiasm about this latest milestone, Chris Jang, the Co-CEO of ZTX, shared, “We’re thrilled to unveil our triumphant fundraising journey. Over the past year, we’ve been meticulously and quietly constructing our foundation. With our token launch on the horizon, we want to accentuate the resolute dedication our investors and team have toward realizing our vision of furnishing creators with a groundbreaking infrastructure.”

Yuki Kanayama, General Partner at MZ Web3 Fund, expressed his unwavering confidence in ZTX, stating, “We firmly believe ZTX is poised to craft a distinctive universe, setting it apart from the multitude of Web3 metaverse projects. The seamless fusion of digital asset creation and trading within the metaverse using Web3 technology is truly exhilarating, effortlessly aligning with Web3 applications. The ZTX team’s unparalleled expertise in both the metaverse and Web3 realm only bolsters our high expectations for their upcoming endeavors.”

Stephen McKeon, Partner at Collab+Currency, eagerly voiced his anticipation for ZTX, underscoring, “As fervent backers of decentralized technology, we support visionary teams shaping the future of consumer products through crypto. Joining this round is a source of great excitement, as we stand by ZTX’s exceptional team and their unique advantages. ZTX stands to offer an unmatched infrastructure layer for diverse NFT initiatives and Web3 creators through their creator-centric tools. We eagerly anticipate witnessing ZTX’s triumphant journey in realizing their audacious mission.”

Established in 2022, ZTX is the synergistic brainchild of Jump Crypto and ZEPETO. Since its inception, ZTX has ceaselessly been constructing the vital components of its ecosystem. Recently, the company unveiled its inaugural Playtest, an exclusive beta trial of their forthcoming 3D open-world platform. Collaborating with the innovative Dust Labs, which powers technology behind DeGods and y00ts digital collections, ZTX introduced the ZTX Partner Wearables. This community-centered initiative empowers IP partners to craft 3D assets for an expansive open-world environment, enriching the narrative of the IP.

In the imminent weeks, ZTX is set to embark on its inaugural Genesis Home Mint project – a collection of 4,000 meticulously designed 3D District Homes. Holders of these homes will luxuriate in membership of one of the four elite Districts – Arts, Financial, Fashion, and Games. This membership offers exclusive access to forthcoming releases, events, and enriched gameplay within the ZTX universe. For further insights into the Genesis Home Mint or the project’s roadmap, feel free to explore ZTX’s Twitter and the official ZTX Website.


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